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(a project of newCooperation)


a healthy, conscious and sustainable community/resort

  • Is your own life, your wellbeing and your happiness important to you and is the life, wellbeing and happiness of your loved ones (people, pets) important to you aswell?
  • Do you want to contribute essentially to something constructive and do you, together with others, want to create hope and happiness and contribute to that for the future?
  • Are you at ease with knowing your contribution is appreciated with a gift that also benefits you? That contributes to your own wellbeing and at the same time that of others, the environment and the future (generations)?
  • Do you want to support me/us in that? Help people find their OWN voice (again), (re)connect them with their own strength.

I have already found my fulfilment in life a long time ago and that is (in) what I live, who I am and what I do. That is why I am happy and inherent to that is sharing in that. Help people find their own happiness within themselves. This is only possible by (re)connecting yourself with your true, intrinsic, whole (and healthy) self.

For the people that lost hope: this is (still) possible and that is exactly what I do, bring people awareness about that it is good to take good care of yourself. That it is beneficial and the only way to also do and create the best to and for others.

Be good for and to yourself! Then you are in your strength. Then you come to your talents. Allow yourself the best. Only then you can mean the best (of yourself) to others. Be aware of this.

Together with Melody I am setting out, working on, building and growing our masterplan. This all has everything to do with what I wrote above.

The eventual goal is creating a resort/community that is sustainable and where everything is built on a basis of health and consciousness. Self-sufficient, sustainable architecture and sun and wind energy, cultivate own organic crops.

On this resort will be a campus with Multidisciplinary Academy where also the basis of a healthy, conscious and sustainable lifestyle is a red thread. This is no illusion or utopian, it is possible and we are already busy with it. The only important thing is that the right circumstances and the right environment for this are being created/built. Also this begins in bringing awareness about this to others and the movement is going on. We have all knowledge, expertise and experience so there is no lack in that.

We only now need the resources and especially back support (an injection to accelerate) to effectuate this. A start capital so we can go on with this without losing time, without procrastination and without worries of too few capital to tackle this. Because we are far in this already.

From the receivings we start a marketing campaign to bring this all to peoples’ attention internationally in a short time span and at the same time inform people and bring them concrete tools to implement in their daily lives to gain more peace, fulfilment, happiness, health and prosperity in their lives. Through our Visionary Speakers Events (, creating inspirational videos in which we give people tips and tools to create this fulfilment, to finance our events (rent of spaces etc.) and all administrative affairs that have to take place to build forward on our business. Next to that we have a property in mind where we want to start the realisation of settling our headquarter and from which we want to start the Multidisciplinary Academy. For this there are rebuilding costs that we want to cover this way.

Will you help us in realising this all?

Also visit,,, and as this all, all the websites and everything behind it is part of the overarching and thus our master plan! Then you’ll have a quite good impression of what we do and what it is all about although it is still just an image.

Okay, so what’s in it for you when you support us?

As I described above you will also directly benefit from this. You can participate in divergent kinds of education, courses, workshops, intensives and retreats. This is all offered in levels:

· Basis

· Extended


You can sign up for a basis event and with an extra payment your ticket can be upgraded to an extended ticket or a VIP ticket (for example with a treatment or a product). The number of extended and VIP tickets at an event is limited. VIPs get the best places, extra value and offer and can participate in extra sections. The extended tickets are in between the basis and VIP tickets. 

The extra value of a VIP ticket can also be obtained by VIP points. Every VIP point represents a value of 1 euro. For example when the surcharge of a VIP ticket is 500 euros, than also 500 VIP points can be exchanged.

VIP points can be obtained by investing in newCooperation in the form of a donation. By donating for example 50 euros 50 VIP points are obtained. These points are unrestrictedly valid and can be exchanged at one of our events.

VIP points are never exchangeable for money or in combination with special offers.

Every donation is welcome regardless of the amount!

Do you want to contribute in any other way and support us in our mission then that effort is also welcome. Is there something you can do yourself, do you have a talent that helps us in effectuating this or do you have tips, suggestions, do you know others that have affinity with all this in any way and does this resonate with our core message and core values? Let us know!

Thank you very much in advance!

Best regards,


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